Smoking Makes You Seriously Unattractive To Men

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If you are trying to find a partner you’re already aware how important it is to make a positive first impression if you are to snare the man of your dreams. Everything from your clothes to your smile will subconsciously be under scrutiny by the single men you meet, and you better match up to their ideals if you want them to choose you over the other options available.

One of the most off putting things you could do is to be a tobacco user, especially if the men you are meeting are all smoke-free. Not only does smoking destroy your health and your looks, but it will give your clothes and breathe a stench which is attractive to absolutely no one.

Although quitting smoking is a very difficult thing to do, even when there’s the prospect of being single for the rest of your life, there are options available which can make it relatively painless. The most recent addition to the line up of smoking replacement products on the market is the electronic cigarette. It looks and feels like the real thing, but it doesn’t give off the rancid smells which are so unattractive to anyone who doesn’t smoke. Not only that, but many people believe these products will turn out to be less dangerous to the health compared to tobacco.

If you are on the lookout for a new partner then trying one of these products could be the single best thing you do give a positive first impression.

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