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Finding a Good Man and Staying Safe

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Finding a good man is difficult in any city, but perhaps it’s the most difficult in the biggest of cities. I live in New York City where there are approximately 3,000,000 men.  60% are single and the other 40 pretend they are. So you have to be able to sort through all these Men and find the right one for you. How’s a girl to get this done,? The best way to do it is to use online resources. The only way to find a man in the city is to first make sure they have real credentials. Most websites require a person who posts a profile to have some kind of credit card verification. This tends to sort out the ones who don’t want their acts to be traced back to them. There are other commonsense tricks you can use, but the most important is your phone.

You should always have hard-line phones as well as cell phones around your house to ensure that you have the ability to call out even when cell systems are down. In emergency situations it can be useful to have land lines as they are not powered directly from powerlines but rather through supply power from phoneline itself. When searching for an apartment or houses to rent, it’s important to consider being close to services like police stations if you are a single girl. Establishing a relationship with local cops may one day save your life.

The best apartment for a good looking, single girl in the city is one with a good intercom, preferably with video. These intercoms are becoming more and more common today. The price of components for black and white security cameras has shrunk as much as its size. The adverse camera system would cost no more than a few hundred dollars to install, but can command a large “value added” benefit to a rental property. The kind of thing that keeps prices high. Still its a good idea.

The 10 commandments

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I have heard from my friends many stories how and why their relationships ended. Every person had own story but they also shared with me few stories of their friends. After few hours of listening I come up with few conclusions that could help women to choose the right man.

  1. If a guy lies from the start do not even think that he will change. It is impossible to change the nature.
  2. Do not throw yourself 100% into relationship. Always try to keep some distance. It will give you another perspective when you will have to make important decisions.
  3. You should always have your own life and friends. It gives balance in life especially when you like to have short term relationships.
  4. Every relationship should have chemistry. If the sparkle is not there from begin, it is less likely that it come up later on.
  5. If you cannot accept your partner just as he is from begin then do not start the relationship. No one wants to be change just to fit in a vision of partner.
  6. Do not start relationship from fixing his problems. He is the only one who can do it. You should not think that his problems are yours because you cannot live for two people.
  7. You can be his friend but you are not his mother. A guy should be the one who is responsible for himself and his actions.
  8. Do not be angry about things he has done in his life before he met you. Everyone has own past and right to mistakes.
  9. If the guy is not accepting you for who you are he will not accept you when you will change. Simply it means that he ha something different in his mind.
  10. Life with a guy who thinks that he always knows everything the best is a nightmare.

So when your boyfriend will come back from a shop when they sell gold and he will propose think about things mentioned above. Maybe they will support you in making the right decision.

Dating a Geek – Don’t Try and Compete

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Opposites attract and so just because that man of your dreams turns out to be a total techno geek doesn’t mean you need to be.   If there’s one rule I have learnt about relationships – it is be yourself – if you don’t like technology and have no desire to change then that’s fine.  In truth the average Geek probably needs a release valve for his obsession, make it your mission to broaden his horizons.   Believe me I’ve done the ‘pretend geek’ bit and it doesn’t work,  my moment of realization came very early in the morning.

In fact it was very early in a shopping mall, queuing outside the Apple Store waiting for the chance to buy some electronic device that I had no interest in and chatting about DNS.  I should perhaps count myself lucky, a friend of mine discovered that her surprise visit to New York was also timed to coincide with another release from the Apple Corporation or whatever they’re called now!  But I tell you sitting in a line for hours surrounded by geeks gives you time to evaluate lots of things in your relationships.

Needless to say I left, whether he noticed me leaving I’m not quite sure as it coincided with the release of Battlefield 3.  But the lesson was learn no longer would I feign interest in the Ipad, or new Smart phone or that computer program that allowed you to watch the BBC Iplayer by proxy.  I’m not interested and I’m not going to pretend I am.   That’s not to say I don’t like geeks, I definitely do – they are often kind, considerate and clever.   If you can re-channel that techno obsession into something a little more interesting they can make fun partners.

But be warned if your a female geek, then fine if not don’t try and pretend you’re interested or you’ll doom yourself to a life in search of the latest shiny gadgets.